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Exploring the Effects of Keema on Blood Glucose!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Keema is a dish made with minced meat. It is rich in protein and healthy fats. However, studies suggest that eating keema can cause hypoglycaemia. It can reduce blood sugar levels alarmingly. The science behind it: Keema has a high protein content and is low in glucose. Therefore, including other complex carbs and high-fibre ingredients with Keema is crucial. This covers the lack of glucose and makes Keema blood-glucose friendly.

Eating keema the right way: A guide to optimizing blood sugar!
• Eat keema with high-fibre ingredients, such as vegetables or legumes. Go for a bunless keema burger or lettuce cups with keema. This will help cover the lack of glucose intake.
• Include complex carbs with your dish to avoid a shortage of glucose. Roti and black rice are good options.
• Choose lean meat options. Go for a chicken or turkey with lower fat content. It will help maintain blood glucose levels.

Keema also contains certain amino acids, such as arginine and leucine. They promote glucose uptake by cells. Additionally, cooking methods used to prepare keema further enhance its potential to support healthy glucose levels. How? Breaking down proteins and other components makes them more digestible and absorbable. As a protein-rich food, keema helps maintain healthy blood glucose.

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