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Fermentation to Blood Glucose – How Rice Idli Adds to Hyperglycemia

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Idli, made with grounded rice or rice flour, has a high glycemic index. Foods with carbohydrates have a glycemic index, determining their effect on glucose levels. Rice idli has a GI score of 80 which is considered to be high. Food with high GI can raise blood glucose levels within 15 mins of consumption.

Ways to Optimize Rice Idli
• Consider reducing the portion of rice while preparing the idli batter. Try a 2:1 portion ratio, two portions of lentils and one portion of rice. This way, you can add more protein to your idlis.
• Consider making idli with rava or oats, as it can be a better option to reduce the effect. You can add onions and other vegetables to enhance the taste.
• Try adding more fibre to your idlis by adding finely chopped vegetables. This will help to change the GI score of idlis.

Idlis are easily digestible. They can affect blood glucose levels quickly. Also, high GI scores of rice idli make them inappropriate for daily consumption. Combining high-GI food with fibre and protein-rich food changes GI making the food healthier for consumption. Idlis have benefits if consumed moderately. You can consume one idli per

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