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Fresh vs Dried Fruits: Which One Takes the Crown for Healthy Glucose Levels?

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Fruits are healthy in whichever form they may be consumed. Whether fresh or in the dried/dehydrated form, fruits are highly beneficial for health. However, fresh fruits are always placed above dried fruits due to their high nutritional value and relatively lower sugar content. When fruits are dried, the water content is removed, leaving them concentrated with carbohydrates and natural sugars.
We usually tend to pick a handful of dried fruits to munch on. This can cause sudden blood glucose spikes due to their higher glycaemic index, thus making them unsuitable for diabetics and calorie-conscious individuals.

Whole fruits make a healthier option
• It is advisable to have whole fruits more often if your blood sugar levels tend to increase.
• If you are a dried fruit lover, avoid eating them on an empty stomach or practice portion control.
• Avoid having dried fruits with your main meals to keep your sugar intake optimum.
• Fitness freaks can pair them with nuts and consume them pre-workout to ensure they are optimally fuelled before exercising.

Although both fresh fruits and dried fruits contain antioxidants and nutrients, dried fruits should be consumed wisely so they can provide maximum benefits without increasing your calories or blood glucose.

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