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From Canned to Controlled: Managing Blood Sugar with Mixed Vegetable

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Canned vegetables are similar to fresh farm-based vegetables in health and nutrition. Canned vegetables can have different vegetables like corn, lima beans, peas, and carrots. These vegetables consist of simple and complex carbs that quickly absorb into the bloodstream and cause a rapid spike in blood sugar.

Making canned mixed vegetables the perfect addition to your dishes
• Add cooked protein, such as 100 grams of chicken, fish, paneer, and tofu, to stabilise the spikes of canned veggies.
• Try to add healthy fats in ghee, butter, and fresh cheese while cooking or baking these vegetables to stabilise the response of sugars in canned vegetables.
• You may include some carbohydrates like chapati to help digest and stabilise the blood sugars.

Canned mixed vegetables have a lot of fibre that stays longer in the digestive tract and can help you feel full longer. In addition, adding protein and fat can help stabilise the natural spikes caused by canned mixed vegetables. Optimising canned vegetables can help regulate sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

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