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From Fried to Fit: Making Hot and Crispy Chicken Glucose-Healthy!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Hot and crispy chicken is loved worldwide. Its irresistible combination of flavours and textures delivers a satisfying crunch. But, depending on the recipe, the dish can be better or worse for your health.

Fried chicken coated with refined flour and added sauces may cause hyperglycaemia. On the other hand, without the flour coating, the meal will be only protein with no carbs, resulting in low blood sugar. If you wish to prevent this, try including healthy carbs in this protein-rich meal.

Savour your Hot Crispy Chicken with Healthy Carbs
• Try pairing the Hot and Crispy Chicken with sources high in complex carbohydrates — like a whole wheat tortilla, multigrain roti, quinoa, oat and sweet potatoes.
• Consider adding carb-rich salads and sides in small quantities like potato wedges, corn barley salad, and pasta with mayo dressing.

Studies show that fried meat like Hot and Crispy Chicken can affect the body’s ability to maintain glucose in the bloodstream. So, by including the right amount of carbs, you can transform your high-protein chicken into a balanced meal.

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