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From hyperglycaemia to healthy blood sugar: Optimising your idli and medu vada breakfast

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Idli and medu vada are popular Indian breakfast items that are loved by many. Rice-based idli and pulse-based medu vada can result in a glucose spike due to the high-carbohydrate content. This can be harmful to people with diabetes or those trying to lose weight.

Optimising idli and medu vada for a healthy diet
• You can pair the carbs with fibre, protein and fat to slow down the release of glucose and improve the response.
• Try to reduce the portion of carbohydrates and replace simple carbs with complex carbs.
• You can try meal combinations like a bowl of paneer bhurji + idli with coconut chutney or moong dal idli + tomato chutney.

Pairing carbs with fibre, protein, and fat slows down the release of glucose. This prevents blood sugar spikes and crashes. Finally, follow the food flow – fibre > protein > complex carbs. Make these changes and enjoy your favourite South Indian dishes without negatively impacting your glucose levels.

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