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Green smoothies for maintaining blood sugar: Yay or Nay

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Smoothies can be considered a healthy breakfast or drink when they are packed with fibre, protein and healthy fats. But these veg juices are rich in carbohydrates. To explain it further, to prepare 1 serving of juice, more than 1 portion of vegetables is required. Along with this, juicing gets rid of fibre, so what’s left is mostly carbohydrates which get taken up quickly by the bloodstream resulting in hyperglycemia.

Enhancing glucose levels by optimising the process
• It may be a good idea to consume whole vegetables rather than juices.
• Besides preparing salads, you may also prepare stir-fried sabzis and eat them.
• Try making a full meal out of the whole veg by pairing it with healthy fats like curds or yoghurt.
• You may also add protein and a small portion of complex carbs to complete the meal.
• Avoid adding sugar to it. Add carrots for sweetness instead.

Sometimes you just want a glassful of smoothie or vegetable juice. In those times, remember to limit the quantity. Try to understand the carb, sugar and calorie content of the smoothie you are planning to prepare and how it may affect your blood sugar.

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