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Grill Your Way to Glucose Control: The Magic of Grilled Chicken

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Grilled chicken stabilises your glucose level. Chicken and eggs are great sources of protein. Proteins have amino acids that require a lot of time to convert to glucose. Hence, amino acids have very little impact on blood glucose levels in people with adequate insulin. The slow conversion of protein to glucose ensures that there’s no glucose spike in the body.

Grilled chicken to control glucose spikes
• Try pairing your grilled chicken with some source of complex carbohydrates like whole wheat tortilla/roti/quinoa/oats or sweet potatoes for glucose level management.
• Try to consume an adequate amount of grilled chicken to lower post-meal blood sugar levels. Consuming an adequate amount will also promote satiety to avoid excessive snacking.
• Chicken is low in fibre. Combining chicken with fibre-rich foods will make it a well-balanced meal. You can try to include vegetables like broccoli or spinach. You can also add a serving of salad for a fibre-rich meal.

Proteins are essential building blocks for the body. They are broken down into amino acids which can be used to repair the body or create gluconeogenesis. They help in breaking down food, other than carbohydrates, into sugar. This provides a positive nitrogen balance that repairs and maintains tissues in the body.

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