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Guilt-Free Thick Chocolate Milkshake for Optimum Glucose

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Thick chocolate milkshakes are utterly delicious and filling. Still, these can spike your glucose. This is because the lactose in the milk can increase blood sugar levels. In addition, the sugars in chocolate can also cause a spike in glucose. This causes glucose spikes which, when prolonged, lead to metabolic diseases.

Don’t give up on chocolate milkshakes: Try these tips
• While chocolate is loaded with sugars, cocoa powder is not. So you may add sugar-free cocoa to your milkshakes. The sugar level in the cocoa will be mentioned on the labels.
• It will be best to avoid sugar in your chocolate milkshakes. Instead, consider adding healthier plant-based sweeteners like stevia or sugar-free.
• You can also try substituting sugar with natural sweeteners like bananas or berries.
• Try adding plant-based milk like almonds and soya milk to the milkshake.

The GI score of thick chocolate milkshakes is comparatively lower because they contain more calories. Even small portions of milkshakes can result in higher calorie consumption. But you can decrease the GI score of your favourite milkshake by optimising it. Now it can be consumed by people trying to lose weight or who have diabetes.

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