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Healthier substitutes for Ghee Rice

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Ghee Rice is a popular South Indian dish. It is main ingredients are white rice and ghee. Since white rice has a high GI of 80, it is not a very healthy dish. It can cause a spike in blood sugar. But you can make it better by tweaking a few things.

More nutritious ways to consume ghee rice
• Consider pairing rice and ghee with vegetables like beans, peas, mushrooms and paneer. This will increase the protein content of food
• Try replacing white rice with black rice or cauliflower rice, which has low-carb content
• You can also try clubbing it with salad and chicken. This will make your food rich in fibre and protein
• Consider pairing nimbu pani with protein-rich foods like nuts, cheese, or Greek yoghurt.
• Increase the amount of water or ice used in the lemonade to dilute the sweetness and lower the overall sugar content.

A 2015 study shows that the amount of glucose released is reduced if red rice is cooked with ghee. So, replacing white rice will help you maintain blood sugar levels. Try these modifications that can give you better nutrition without compromising the taste.
So, the next time you consume Ghee rice, savour it guilt-free!

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