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Healthy Burger Swaps: How to Enjoy a Mc Aloo Tikki Burger Without the Blood Sugar Spikes

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Burgers are a popular fast food item that can be enjoyed occasionally as part of a healthy diet. However, traditional burger buns made with refined flour and starchy fillings like potatoes can cause spikes in blood sugar levels.Luckily, there are ways to optimize your burger experience for better health without sacrificing taste.

How to Upgrade Your Mc Aloo Tikki Burger
• Opt for alternative flour-based buns. You can use almond flour or seed-based flour for a lower glycemic index and higher fibre content.
• Choose bun-less options like lettuce wraps with a veggie patty to reduce carb intake.
• Consider making a patty out of a protein source like chicken or paneer This will increase the protein content of the meal, and slow down the release of glucose.

The high glycemic index of refined flour and starches can lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. This can have negative impacts on overall health. Swapping flours, increasing fibre and protein intake, and reducing sauce quantity can lead to a healthier burger experience.

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