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Healthy indulgence: Savoring Mutton and Rice with no blood sugar spikes

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

In many cultures, lamb or mutton is a common meat choice and is often prepared in flavourful sauce or gravy that pairs well with white rice. However, lamb or mutton with gravy (mixture) and white rice, can impact blood sugar levels.

Lamb/Mutton with Gravy (mixture) and White Rice for stable blood glucose
• Increase the portion of mutton in the gravy along with vegetables (non-starchy) for fibre (mutton-rich source of B12 & protein).
• Opt for lean meat cuts with less fat (lean chops).
• Follow this food flow – fibre > protein > complex carbohydrates. A meal can look like this – vegetable salad with olive oil + ACV + 50-60g mutton gravy and rice (portion controlled)
• You can opt for cauliflower rice or black rice as a low-GI option.

Lamb or mutton is a good source of protein, which does not have a significant impact on blood glucose levels. However, the gravy used in the preparation of the dish may contain added sugars or other high-glycemic ingredients that can affect blood sugar levels. Similarly, white rice is high glycemic index food, meaning that it can quickly raise blood glucose levels, leading to hyperglycemia events.

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