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Hot Cocoa Milk: A Guilty Pleasure for Your Glucose Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Hot Cocoa Milk is a popular drink. It is tasty and very easy to prepare. Cocoa and sugar are whisked together and added to warm milk. Cocoa is extracted from plants that have the highest flavanol concentrations. This makes it a good antioxidant. But adding milk and table sugar to the drink makes it harsh on the body. It affects glucose metabolism due to its sugar content.

Jumping over the sugar barrier
• Consider replacing dairy milk with nut milk like coconut or almond.
• Opt for unsweetened cocoa.
• Try plant-based sweeteners for taste, such as stevia

All three ingredients in Hot Cocoa Milk are essentially carbs. The sugar from chocolate is broken down and released into the blood. Lactose, the milk sugar also plays its part in increasing blood sugar levels. And the addition of table sugar as a sweetener further affects glucose metabolism. This may result in Hyperglycemia.

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