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How to control blood glucose while consuming pizza?

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Pizza is prepared using refined wheat flour, which has little fibre or nutrient content. It can cause blood sugar spikes when eaten on its own. Hence, it is not considered a healthy food option. However, this does not imply that people must completely forego pizza. In fact, by just tweaking the ingredients smartly, pizza can be made into a diabetes-friendly meal.

Ways to make pizza friendly for your glucose
• Try substituting refined flour pizza base with whole wheat or multigrain pizza base. This will increase the fibre content and make it healthier.
• Practise portion control. Eating smaller portions along with foods rich in proteins and fat will flatten the glucose curve.
• Try adding more protein-sourced toppings, vegetables, and cheese. These are nutrient-dense. They are high in fibre and fat content and help in controlling sugar spikes.
• Have some apple cider vinegar before eating pizza. After the meal, take a walk. This will help in preventing post-meal sugar spikes.

The pizza has a high glycemic index. Loading it with proteins like chicken, tofu, paneer, etc. will balance out the meal. It will increase the glycemic load and improve the GI. Pizza has a lot of carbohydrates, so eating it during the day will provide your body with ample time and activity to digest it.

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