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How to Stick to your workout routines this holiday Season

Holiday season across the world is here, and there’s every excuse to do something that might be more exciting and interesting than what’s in your routine! There are many times you may want to avoid your daily routine because that’s what holidays are for.

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Oct 14, 2022
Workout Routines Holiday 1
Workout Routines Holiday

Holiday season across the world is here, and there’s every excuse to do something that might be more exciting and interesting than what’s in your routine! There are many times you may want to avoid your daily routine because that’s what holidays are for. But it’s important to remember that your body needs that little bit of exercise for so many reasons – including but not limited to the circulation of blood in your body, the oxygenation of your blood, stretching of your muscles, activating tissues, and so much more.

We hope that didn’t get too nerdy! Anyway, even if you’re not up to doing a full-blown workout session like every other day, let’s take a look into a few tips that might actually help you stick to some sort of workout routine during holidays! It’s better than completely losing touch. Thank us later.

  1. Amp up the intensity for shorter periods of time
    Your cardiovascular fitness is crucial to the overall health of your body and mind. It also helps you burn calories faster, with a host of other benefits. While you’re trying to stay on track with an existing exercise routine on a holiday, it helps to try some high intensity exercises for shorter periods of time that can help you maintain that level of fitness. So while the duration of the workout is shorter, the impact can be close to what you try to achieve daily. You can then even go back to enjoying your holiday!
  2. Add it to your calendar or gym schedule
    Make it a point to make it a notification! If it’s in your calendar, it’s almost like it is in your to-do list. Treat the workout like an appointment, one that you cannot miss because it was decided a long time ago. Make sure you maintain a schedule to keep you focused on the end result. All of these may actually help get you on your feet and ready.
  3. Stay mindful, train your mind to maintain a good attitude
    Oftentimes, it could just be a mental block. You may be trying to avoid working out because of the feeling it gives you when you think about how tired you’re going to be. But you should also notice the amazing results and benefits you’ve reaped from it, and how it has transformed your life, mind and body. Remind yourself of the hard work you’ve put in to make it this far, and you will feel like returning to your routine, even under a shorter time frame.
  4. Memorize some bodyweight workouts
    If you’re at a hotel that doesn’t have a gym facility, or you’re staying at an isolated getaway home, it’s always good to be able to get down to exercises using your own bodyweight. You can substitute many gym weight training with bodyweight training exercises. Strength training can be done simply with the right exercises targeting the muscle groups you are working on at the gym. This could be great to also know, in case of situations like pandemics, where you can still achieve your fitness levels without stepping out of the house.
  5. Make your family or friends work in your favour – Sometimes you could be travelling with family, a spouse, or even kids. What could tend to work is trying to get as many people around you into your routine! If this isn’t something you see happening, you can always ask for motivation and support from your family, who will encourage you. Asking your family to make sure you stick to your routine could actually help, because the only one with excuses may be you. Often, some friends also attempt to keep a positive mindset around you, and that in turn motivates you to do better.
  6. Exercise always comes first!
    One tip that may turn the tables is making exercise the FIRST THING you do everyday. Once you wake up, just get yourself to work out so you can put it behind you for the rest of the day. Mornings are considered some of the best times to exercise. Your body feels fresh for a longer time through the day, and you’re eager to participate in more activities. It’ll even drop the sleepy feeling if you have a day planned ahead of you, and if you’re up to any climbing or walking activity through the day, you feel more prepared and agile.
  7. Try something new
    It could always be thrilling to try out a new exercise or a slightly different routine from what you usually do. This could help break the monotony that might be keeping you away from exercise, and get you excited about trying something different. You can do this with a variety of things – exercise, or even meals. Try substituting some foods you know will affect your diet with healthier options. That way you find the meal more enticing, but keep it healthy at the same time!
  8. Keep your expectations realistic
    Going into a workout like any other day may not be the ideal plan of action, especially when you’re vacationing. We’re finding a way to strike the balance, and avoid disappointment. Find a routine that keeps you active, and doesn’t stress you out over how it’s going to go. You can lower your daily goals for a few days, and you will still be able to pick up where you left off, provided you stay in control of your diet and do a bare minimum routine everyday.
  9. Carry your workout gear
    You can often be enthused to work out because you know you’ve carried your gym gear in your bag. Did you add all that baggage there for nothing? We hope this makes you feel more like using it, out of the sheer compulsion of carrying it, and that can be a very useful trick to keep you determined!
  10. Listen to a good workout playlist
    There’s a lot of music that can motivate you to work out. Sometimes, it’s good to just tune into a familiar playlist of songs that have proven good in the past for hardcore, high intensity exercises that have worked on your body effectively. It can also help you stay focused on your workout while tuning out from the distractions around you.

Safe to say, there are many ways you can keep yourself focused, and there are a million tips to bring you back to it. But at the end of the day, it’s about you, your body and your mind. Working hard can move mountains for you, so if you’ve decided to do something, stick to it and feel the joy of a successful time spent at bringing out the best version of you. Until next time!

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