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Ice Cream may be too sweet for your blood

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Ice-Cream is usually made with milk that naturally contains the carbohydrate lactose which further breaks down to glucose and galactose in the body. Glucose combined with the added refined sugar in the ice cream can cause an instantaneous spike in blood glucose levels. However, consuming ice cream in moderation may not always result in a blood sugar surge.

Regulating blood sugar while consuming ice cream
• Regular ice creams are full of fat and refined sugar which can cause a sudden spike in blood glucose levels. Consider protein-based, or dairy-based low-sugar ice creams to manage blood sugar levels.
• Consider having nut-based ice creams like choco hazelnut, coffee walnut or Kesar almond etc. Nuts can balance the overall GI of the ice cream.
• Try controlling the portion of ice cream intake or having it after a protein-rich, low-carb meal. This reduces the chances of blood sugar spikes.

Ice cream can be consumed without worrying about fluctuations in blood glucose levels if taken in moderation. Several options for low-sugar/sugar-free and protein-based ice creams are available in the market which is fit for regular consumption and do not negatively impact blood glucose levels.

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