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Indulge in Butter Popcorn the Smart Way by Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Popcorn is high in fibre content and low in calories; thus, it can be an ideal snack option. But it is high in simple carbohydrates in the form of corn and can give a low food score because of a lack of significant nutritional value. Thus, butter popcorn can cause a spike in glucose levels.

Optimising Your Butter Popcorn Intake
• Try to control the popcorn portion size. You can start with a modest 50g initially, and before increasing the quantity, check the impact of butter popcorn on your glucose levels.
• Try alternate snack options like roasted or raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews), homemade protein bars, fruits, or cheese.
• Carefully pick the toppings for popcorn. Instead of butter, you can add low-fat cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, or spices to add flavour.

Moreover, packaged microwave butter popcorns are high in both simple carbohydrates and trans-fat, which can cause health risks. Thus, simple carbs like popcorn should be consumed in small quantities and less frequently to keep your blood glucose levels stable.

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