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Indulge in Crispy Fries without Worrying About Glucose Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

French fries are high in starch and get absorbed quickly, causing spikes in glucose levels. Thus, consuming french fries leads to a high glucose concentration in the blood. These elevated blood glucose may contribute to the classic symptoms of hyperglycemia, such as fatigue, excessive thirst, and frequent urination. Therefore, people should switch from processed starch to healthy starch, such as vegetables, legumes, and grains.

Maximise Your Health with Smart Starch Choices!
• Healthy starches are low in trans fat, which is found in many processed starches. Trans-fat has been linked to various metabolic health issues. 
• Consider prioritising starchy vegetables. Starchy vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, squash, corn, and peas, are packed with fibre and other beneficial nutrients.
• Try including legumes in your diet. Legumes, such as lentils and beans, are an excellent plant-based protein and fibre source. 
• Healthy starches are best consumed with a solid cooked protein source, such as chicken breasts or paneer. 

Starch is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in spikes in blood sugar levels. To reduce the aftereffects, it is important to practice portion control and only consume a maximum of 30 grams of starch per meal. Eating healthy starches in moderate portions and including a solid source of cooked protein can help regulate blood sugar levels, thus preventing hyperglycemia.

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