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Juicy Hacks: Don’t Let Mixed Fruit Juice Spike Your Blood Sugar!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

While mixed fruit juice is popularly considered healthy, it can lead to a significant spike in glucose levels. Since fruit juice doesn’t include the flesh of the fruits, the fibre also gets removed. It also contains high amounts of fructose, a form of sugar. This causes blood levels to increase quickly and overwhelms the liver. Consuming mixed fruit juice regularly has been linked to increased blood sugar levels.

Optimising Your Fruit Juice Intake to Maintain Glucose Levels
• Consider eating whole fruits as mixed fruit juices are more affluent in carbohydrates due to blending more than one portion of fruit.
• You could also mix a small amount of fruit in vegetable juices to maintain the taste. This will not spike blood sugar levels at the same rate as mixed fruit juices.
• Avoid using sugar completely while adding fruits to your juices, as it contains natural sugar.

Mixed fruit juice can be a good source of vitamin C and calcium. But, because of the lack of soluble fibre, the rise in blood sugar is more rapid. Fruit juices also have a more concentrated form of sugar. Therefore, eating whole fruit is better than consuming mixed fruit juice.

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