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Lettuce, Meet Patty: Healthier McSpicy Chicken Burger

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

The fast-food tag attached to the Mc Spicy Chicken Burger keeps most health-conscious people away from it. This concern is not baseless either because the typical McSpicy Chicken Burger bun is made from maida, a high GI flour that can cause blood sugar spikes. The bun made from refined flour contains no significant amount of fibre and is mainly simple carbs, unsuitable for people with diabetes.

Tips to avoid glucose spikes when eating McSpicy Chicken Burger
• Consider opting for a bunless burger; choose lettuce wraps instead.
• Go for a grilled or oven-baked patty made with minimal oil.
• Try alternate flours for the buns, such as multigrain, almond, or low-carb flour.
• Pair it with a side of high-fibre veggie salad.
• Practice portion control.

The simple carbs in the refined flour used to make Mc Spicy Chicken Burger bun can cause blood sugar spikes. The Chicken Patty does provide some protein. However, fitness enthusiasts need not forego this tasty food altogether. Make some tweaks to your McSpicy Chicken Burger and make it more nutritious.

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