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Low-Glucose Delight: Chapati and Egg Curry

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chapati is made of wheat flour with a high GI score of over 80. This leads to the quick absorption of glucose into the bloodstream and causes spikes in blood glucose levels. Egg curry is a healthy meal that can help increase protein intake and provides various nutrients. When consumed together, both components combine to make a nutritious meal.

Optimising your glucose level while eating Chapati and Egg curry
• Try to consume a bowl of salad along with your chapati and egg curry. This can help increase fibre intake.
• Try to add alternate or low-GI carbohydrates like cauli or black rice instead of chapati.
• Try alternate flours for your chapatis, like almond flour.
• While adding food sources to the meal, try to follow the food flow from fibre > to protein.
• Practice portion control while consuming this fulfilling egg curry and chapati meal by limiting your chapati intake to 30 – 50 gms.

Chapati, along with egg curry, is a fully balanced meal when consumed in appropriate proportion. Chapati is an excellent source of carbohydrates, and egg curry supplies protein and fats. Chapati uses wheat and can increase the glycemic index, so include more fibre by incorporating salad in your meals.

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