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Low Glycemic Paneer Bhurji: A Tasty and Healthy Meal Option

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Paneer bhurji is a popular Indian dish made from scrambled cottage cheese. Its high protein and fat content can positively impact glucose levels. While protein can help stabilise blood sugar levels, the fat content may slow digestion. It leads to a gradual rise in glucose levels. Therefore, it’s essential to consume paneer bhurji in moderation and pair it with low glycemic index foods to prevent significant fluctuations in glucose levels.

Stabilising your glucose level while eating paneer bhurji
• Consider portion control to avoid excessive carbohydrate intake.
• Try using low-glycemic index ingredients, such as onion, garlic and spices.
• Try to add fibre-rich ingredients (vegetable salad) like spinach, bell peppers and tomatoes.
• Consider pairing the paneer bhurji with a low-glycemic index food like whole wheat bread or brown rice.

Additionally, how the dish is cooked and portion size can affect blood glucose levels. It is recommended to follow the food flow, i.e., fibre > protein > complex carbs. Also, do ensure to walk for at least 10 minutes after the meal.

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