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Masala Magic: Healthy upgrades for Special Masala Noodles

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Special Masala noodles are flavourful and easy to prepare. This popular instant food has a high glycemic index. They are low in fibre and contain simple carbohydrates. This can cause obesity and blood sugar spikes. These deep-fried noodles can also be difficult to digest.

Revamp Special Masala Noodles into a Healthy Delight
• Try switching to whole-grain masala noodles made of millet, whole wheat, or buckwheat. They are high in fibre and can help to maintain blood glucose levels. Portion sizes should be controlled for millet noodles.
• You can add fresh vegetables or sprouts and protein-packed ingredients like egg or tofu. This will add fibre and make the meal healthier.
• These noodles are cooked with a pre-made masala blend to enhance the flavour. Limiting the portion of this masala is advised. You may use fresh herbs or other spices instead.

Special masala noodles are high in saturated fats and sodium content. It can lead to obesity and other health-related problems. They are made with high-GI processed white flour. The carbs in maida can cause blood sugar spikes. You can still enjoy this classic favourite by switching to healthier versions.

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