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Midnight Munchies: Glucose-Friendly Snack Options for Late-Night Snackers

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Many people are prone to late-night snacking, which is unhealthy as it contributes to weight gain, increases blood sugar levels and raises the risk of heart disease. Eating more calories that are high in sugar and fat after dinner can have a bad effect on your nocturnal glucose levels, resulting in poor and disturbed sleep. But switching to more protein and complex carbohydrate-based snacks that don’t exceed 200 calories can provide you with plenty of energy throughout the night.

Some Late-Night Snacking Options
• Pairing Paneer Kheer with a sweetener like Stevia may provide enough protein that would reduce the urge of snacking.
• Eating a handful of nuts like walnuts and pistachios may help you sleep well as it contains melatonin, a compound responsible for your sleep-wake cycles.
• Greek Yogurt with either a fruit or mixed seeds controls blood sugar levels.
• Turmeric Milk with chia seeds and Kesar with Stevia: this combination of foods may help in weight loss, regulate glucose levels and elevates your mood.

One of the reasons for late-night snacking can be that you’re not eating enough during day time. It is best to take a protein and fibre-based diet to reduce the hunger pangs at night. If snacking late at night, look for healthy foods instead of unhealthy options.

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