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Milky’ Way isn’t the Right Way for Pedas

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Milk Peda is the typical Indian sweet you have seen and enjoyed since childhood. It is savoured across India regardless of the occasion. But milk being rich in lactose, breaks down in the body into simple sugars like glucose and galactose. The excess sugar added to the other sweet spikes blood sugar levels. This leads to glucose concentration in your blood becoming much higher than usual (hyperglycemia).

Having pedas without worries
• Milk pedas are rich in lactose and contribute to the build-up of glucose in the bloodstream. Consider using almond, cashew or coconut flour to make pedas.
• Keto sweets are a better alternative to pedals since they are made of low-carb flour and have little to no added sugar. This helps you manage your blood sugar better.
• You can also try pedas made with natural sugar substitutes like stevia, which is calorie-free and does not cause fluctuations in glucose levels.

Traditionally, milk pedas are one of the most common sweets you may have consumed. However, milk combined with sugar is a bad combination that can affect your glucose metabolism. Therefore, Pedas made with low-carb/carb-free flour and calorie-free sweeteners are a much healthier alternative to milk pedals.

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