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Mushroom soup: The whys and hows for better blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Soups are considered an easy-to-make healthy meal that has a lot of nutritional value. Mushroom soup is one such soup among many different types. Surprisingly, you don’t realise that while making soups, vegetables can lose their fibre content. These also lack complex carbohydrates and protein. In case you decide to add starchy vegetables, you end up increasing the carbohydrates in your soup. This means the preparation of mushroom soup affects overall glucose levels.

Preparation tips for a soup that is suitable for blood sugar
• Try to avoid blending vegetables. It would be better if they are cut up to add to the soup instead.
• Consider having soup that has not been strained.
• You may want to include a source of protein in the soup or as a side dish. Try adding raw unflavored whey while blending the soup.

Pulverizing mushrooms for soup will make their sugars accessible and they will be easily taken up by the bloodstream which will lead to a spike. Add non-starchy vegetables to your soup to maintain your blood sugar levels, as starchy vegetables contain lots of carbohydrates.

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