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No chickening out! Here’s why chicken/turkey salad is good for your health

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chicken or turkey salad is good for your health in general if taken the right way with the right ingredients. Both chicken and turkey are lean meats, which are a good source of protein and have low calories. Add to that the salad has green leafy vegetables and other healthy ingredients; it makes a good choice for a meal for someone keeping an eye on their glucose levels.

Tips to make your salad even healthier
• A healthy way to consume your chicken or turkey salad is by controlling its portion size. Portion concerns the overall amount and a balanced ratio of all the ingredients.
• Increasing the protein component of the salad by adding more skinless chicken or turkey can also ensure that the salad remains healthy.
• Consider adding more complex carbohydrates to your salad, like quinoa or millet.
• Pairing the salad with good fats from ingredients like mixed nuts and seeds is also an option.

Green leafy vegetables are a significant component of the salad and are rich sources of fibre and low in carbohydrates. This prevents a spike in your glucose levels and improves your glucose response by reducing the quantity of insulin the body needs. Likewise, chicken and turkey both provide protein and good quality fats, positively impacting your glucose levels. However, the portion must be controlled; otherwise, it may lead to carb overload.

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