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Oats Chilla for a Chill -a Breakfast

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

For a healthy start to the day, oats chilla is one of the most wholesome and complete breakfasts that one can have. It is especially beneficial for those at risk for diabetes as oats are rich in complex carbs and fibre content. Oats generally have a low glycemic index value. But, instant varieties of oats are processed and have a higher glycemic index. This indicates that after having instant oats, blood sugar is likely to spike.

How to improve your oats Chilla
• Instead of the processed variety, try to use rolled or steel-cut oats. These are less refined and hence, won’t increase blood sugar quickly.
• To make the chilla fibre rich, try to include more vegetables, such as carrots and beans. This will reduce the overall glucose load of the meal and make it easy to digest.
• Try adding soy flour or soy granules to the oats. By balancing the potential carb content with protein, the meal is made more nutritious and balanced.

After being processed, oats lose a lot of their fibre content, which would have helped in lowering blood glucose levels. The glycemic index value of steel-cut oats is a lot less than that of highly processed instant oats. This means that using steel-cut or even rolled oats in your chilla will help optimise your blood sugar level.

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