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Oats: The Low-Glycemic Grain for Better Glucose Management

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Oats are a kind of cereal grain that comes from the Poaceae grass family. These grains are seeds of the oat grass, which has become a popular breakfast nowadays. These oats are loved for their texture and have mainly health benefits like they are rich in beta-glucan fibre associated with the slow release of glucose in the bloodstream. Consuming oats in the morning can result in glucose spikes due to the Dawn Effect, which can cause hyperglycemia.

Tips for Healthily Consuming Oats
• Try to include some nuts like almonds and walnuts or nut butter (peanut or almond) with oats. Fats can help slow down the spikes in blood sugar levels.
• Avoid adding any sweeteners or sugar. These will only count for artificial carbohydrates and sugars, which cause glucose spikes.
• Add a teaspoon of chia seeds while soaking the oats.
• You can also try to soak oats in yoghurts or soy/almond milk because these sources are higher in protein and calcium.

Oats are filled with beta-glucan fibre. This fibre attracts water and increases the thickness of digested food, which can increase the volume of the food in the stomach. This results in the slower digestion of food and nutrient absorption, keeping you full longer.

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