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Optimise Your Aloo Subzi, Chapati Meal for Stable Blood Sugars

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chapati and aloo subzi might be delicious but is a carb-rich meal. It contains a lot of simple sugars and starch, which break down quickly and cause blood sugar spikes. This can cause hyperglycemia. Aloo is intself a high glycemic index carbohydrate leading to elevation in blood sugars.

Tips to maintain a healthy GI When Eating Aloo Sabzi, Chapati
• One alternative is to use almond flour or lupin flour to make the chapatis. These are alternative flours with low carb content.
• Additionally, pairing aloo with beans and legumes instead of grains can provide protein and fibre to slow down sugar absorption. This will stabilise blood sugar levels.
• It’s also helpful to eat aloo salad instead and reduce or avoid roti intake. This is because the fiber in the salad will help to slower the glucose response.

With these small adjustments, you can enjoy a tasty and balanced meal while keeping your blood sugar levels in check. This will also reduce the glycemic load of the entire meal.

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