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Out of stamina? Slow-twitch muscles to the rescue

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

In this fast-paced world, people are running out of steam quickly, both mentally and physically. Muscular development is key to improving stamina and never failing to keep up with your ever-increasing workload. Building your slow-twitch muscles by engaging in physical activities like running and swimming can significantly boost your endurance and raise your fitness levels. Slow-twitch muscles consume energy slowly and evenly, allowing them to last for longer hours.

Strengthening slow-twitch muscles for boosting stamina
• Exercises for building stamina, like jogging, skipping, and swimming, are usually carried out over a while and can be tiring. Consider fuelling your body with a pre-workout meal.
• During endurance workouts, your body’s glucose reserves may go empty quickly. Make sure you include a simple-carb-based intra-workout energiser, like a banana or fruit bar, to stay energised throughout.
• Try to keep yourself hydrated throughout the workout. Studies have suggested that proper hydration improves performance, delays fatigue, and maintains blood volume.

Slow-twitch muscles are aerobic muscles. They utilise oxygen to generate energy in the form of ATP from their high mitochondrial concentration. When you stay energised and breathe properly during workouts, your slow-twitch muscles will reward you with improved endurance and stamina.

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