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Parotta Perfection: How to Enjoy it Without Blood Sugar Spike

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Parotta is a popular South Indian dish made of refined white flour with a high gluten percentage, resulting in silkier, doughier flatbread. Tasty as they are, they add lots of carbohydrates to your meal, which could cause a spike in glucose levels and can last for a while.

Optimise your Parotta Eating
• Consider consuming Apple Cider Vinegar with water 5-10 minutes before eating Parotta. It will help lower blood sugar levels.
• As fats slow down the release of glucose in the bloodstream, making the Parotta in cow ghee or grass-fed full-fat butter would be a good idea.
• Consider increasing the portion of stuffing. You may add a rich protein source (in the filling or as a side) and pair it with a fibre-rich veggie salad to balance the macros.
• Follow the food flow: fibre > protein > complex carbs.
• Take a 10-minute walk after eating; it will aid digestion and lower blood sugar levels.

Parottas may taste good, but they can affect your health. This is because most of the calories in parottas come from fats and carbs, which could raise blood sugar levels. But don’t worry; you can prevent it from doing more harm than good by improving how you eat the flatbread.

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