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Pasta la Vista to your Blood Glucose Levels

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Is pasta with cream sauce a favourite for most? But here’s how it affects your blood glucose. The excessive amount of the heavily processed, refined sugars in durum wheat and maida can cause hyperglycemia. This is because they are composed of simple carbs, a type of quick energy. Moreover, a few different kinds of pasta can get combined with healthy low-carb sauces and veggies, which are suitable for stabilising blood sugar levels.

Optimising your Pasta
• Try using an alternative flour option instead of maida to keep the glucose metabolism in check. Shirataki noodles, low-carb pasta, and pasta made from almond flour are a few excellent substitutes.
• Try adding proteins like chicken or cottage cheese to your pasta to make it healthier.

Pasta with cream sauce can considerably raise postprandial glucose levels, increasing blood sugar. It also states that when pasta is made with cream sauce, it has a much higher glycemic index than other pasta varieties. Hence, feel free to enjoy pasta with the right combination in the right proportion; it can be a healthy alternative.

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