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Pasta with a Purpose: Making chicken pasta Glucose Healthy

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chicken pasta is a flavorful Italian dish that combines the savoury taste of chicken with the rich taste of pasta. However, regular pasta is heavily processed which destroys its fibre content and makes it rich in simple carbs. The refined flour in pasta breaks down into simple sugars (glucose) in the body and thereby spikes blood glucose levels.

Stabilizing glucose levels with Chicken Pasta
• Rigorous processing drastically reduces the fibre content of pasta. Consider adding vegetables to the pasta in the form of sauteed vegetables or a salad to increase the fibre content in your meal.
• Try increasing the amount of protein in the pasta by adding more chicken to it.
• Consider having apple cider vinegar diluted with water before having the meal.
• Try having the highest portion of fibre in your dish (veggies), followed by protein (chicken), and carbs (pasta) for a balanced glycemic index (GI).
• You can also go for a 10-minute walk after the meal for maximum benefits.

Chicken pasta can be optimized easily without affecting taste or your glucose metabolism. Adding fibre in the form of vegetables and protein in the form of chicken reduces glycemic load and balances the overall GI of pasta.

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