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Pav Bhaji minus the sugar rush? Yes, Please!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Pav bhaji is a popular, lip-smacking buttery street food dish from India. It is usually prepared by street vendors using bread made out of refined flour that spikes blood glucose levels in the body. Apart from this, potatoes used for making the curry(bhaji) are rich in starch and add to the blood-glucose load. Also, the butter used for frying is high in fats and can cause weight gain.

Tips to Enjoy Pav Bhaji without worrying about the Blood Sugar Spikes
• Try preparing bhaji in healthy oils like olive oil or mustard oil. Also, keep the vegetables whole in the bhaji to preserve dietary fibre.
• Make your meal protein-rich by adding stir-fried paneer/tofu.
• Consider replacing white bread with whole wheat bread, like roti which has complex carbohydrates.
• Portion Control is the mantra!
• Follow the food flow: Salad (Fibre) > Stir-fried Tofu/Paneer (Protein) > Bhaji with whole-wheat roti/rice (Carbs).

The Pav in Pav Bhaji is a white bread that gets digested quickly, causing significant fluctuations in blood glucose levels. You can still enjoy a delicious yet healthy pav bhaji by replacing pav made of refined flour with a whole-wheat pav served with fibre and protein-rich vegetable bhaji. This prevents blood glucose spikes and makes the meal nutritionally wholesome.

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