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Pizza Perfect: Making Pizza Glucose-Friendly

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Pizza is a globally popular food, consumed on a large scale irrespective of age group. However, it may not be the best choice for your body’s metabolism. It has high GI because it is made of refined wheat flour, meaning it breaks down quickly in the body, spiking your glucose levels. Pizza also has minimal fibre content which can immediately elevate glucose levels.

Best ways to have pizza
• Try adding cheese for fat, vegetables for fibre, or meat for protein to your pizza. These slow down insulin response and improve glucose metabolism in your body.
• Consider limiting the portion size. Try eating this separately instead of combining it with other foods.
• Avoid eating pizza on an empty stomach.
• Alternatively, change the pizza base to cauliflower rice flour or almond flour. This reduces the glycemic index of your meal.

Consumption of pizza regularly may lead to hyperglycemia. To manage this, a good balance of macronutrients is required. Adding vegetables, meats, or cheese does that job and aids in a slow breakdown of glucose. An optimized pizza base can be diabetic-friendly. Carbs in optimized food take longer to be processed in your system. Hence, they do not cause an immediate spike in sugar levels. This way you can enjoy your pizza guilt-free.

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