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Pizza Perils: How chicken pizza can impact blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Chicken pizza has a high carb content because of the white pizza base. The refined grains used in the base are stripped of fibre and protein. All these factors contribute to an increase in blood sugar levels when you eat pizza. It can cause exaggerated hyperglycaemia in people with diabetes.

Ways to have a pizza party without blood sugar problems
• Try drinking apple cider vinegar 5-10 minutes before a chicken pizza. It can help to curb an increase in blood sugar.
• You can reduce the number of pizza slices you eat. Also, choosing a thin-crust pizza can help to reduce the refined carbs in every slice.
• You can also add extra veggies and protein toppings such as roasted chicken to balance out the carbs.
• Try choosing a low-carb crust option made from whole grains, almond flour or cauliflower to prevent blood sugar spikes.
• Try walking for at least ten minutes after eating to metabolise the extra carbs.

If you love pizza, then the best way is to eat it in moderation. Also, it is recommended not to eat pizza on an empty stomach to prevent blood sugar spikes. Stay physically active after eating chicken pizza by maybe going for a walk 10 minutes after a pizza feast.

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