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Pongal Fiesta: Consume while controlling your blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

The main ingredient in venn pongal or savoury pongal is rice. White rice is a high glycaemic food, with a GI of 70 or more. This is because the bran and germ are removed, leaving behind the starchy endosperm. Consuming such high-GI foods can cause blood sugar spikes or lead to hyperglycemia.

The Sweet and Savoury Solution: Managing your blood sugar when eating pongal
• Reducing the portion of rice (to around 30-50 gms) can help to decrease carb consumption.
• Consider having pongal with vegetables. Try a fibre-rich vegetable salad and protein-rich food along with your meal. This can help to balance the carbohydrates in the pongal and prevent any blood sugar spikes.
• Eating your meal in the order of fibre, followed by protein and then finally complex carbohydrates can help to reduce the glucose spike caused by the meal by 75%.

The rice in the pongal can cause a spike in your blood sugar, but the moong dal contained in the dish can help to stabilize your glucose levels. Further, the type of rice you use also contributes to the glucose spike. You could consider using low GI options such as brown rice or black rice to make the pongal.

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