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Power Up With Essential Amino Energy

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Essential Amino Energy is the perfect way to power up. It can help you stay energised without the inevitable sugar crash. This delicious powder mix can give you a steady and sustained energy boost without spiking your blood sugar.

How to make Essential Amino Energy a part of your diet
• You can drink amino acids with plain water to avoid adding extra glucose to your diet.
• Try to follow the dosage recommendation on the back of the packet.
• If you experience low blood sugar, you can eat a 30g banana alongside the amino acids. This will help stabilise your glucose levels.
• Try to consume branched chain amino acids without sweet additives. This will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
• Consider mixing your Essential Amino Energy with meals and snacks. This will help ensure consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Essential amino acids have an important role in glucose metabolism. They are the building blocks of proteins. They increase energy production and reduce blood glucose. Try to include amino acids in your diet in moderation. It will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve your health.

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