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Proven poha pairing: a hack to glucose stability

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A very popular breakfast option in India, poha is a flattened rice flake quickly digested by the body, leading to a sudden spike in the blood sugar range. With an approximate glycemic index (GI) level of 80, white rice poha can easily lead to a glucose crash. Easy to cook and tasty to eat, here’s what you can do to make the poha GI-safe.

How to optimise poha intake and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
• Eat in moderation: A good starting point is eating measured portions and monitoring how your body responds. Approximately 50 g of poha is generally a safe point to start your meal moderation journey. This will help you monitor how your body adapts to it without affecting your hunger levels.
• Eat some protein-rich food along with poha: protein-rich food like eggs, low-fat cheese, chicken, etc. help moderate the GI of your meal, ensuring that the meal is well balanced, healthy and tasty! A quick suggestion is to have an egg white omelet with your portion of poha. You can also opt for a protein shake with your poha dish to maintain your glucose level.

Aside from carbohydrates (which may raise blood glucose levels), poha is rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre, and proteins and is a well-known probiotic food. When consumed in moderation and combined with other protein-rich foods, you can change the glycemic index of your meal, making it an ideal choice for breakfast, lunch, a light dinner or even a snack.

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