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Rajma & Roti: A Protein-Packed Meal without the Glucose Spike

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Rajma (kidney beans) contains more carbohydrates compared to protein. When consumed with roti, it can spike the blood glucose level, making it an unhealthy meal. Furthermore, almost all vegetarian sources lack a couple of amino acids. To remediate this, additional protein sources like yoghurt with beans and pulses with tofu are sometimes suggested.

Optimise your glucose with this power-packed protein source
• Along with beans, you may consume additional sources of protein in a single meal.
• Try to limit the portion of roti up to 30 gms and satiate hunger by adding fibre to the roti.
• To lower the absorption of glucose, the consumption of 1 tsp psyllium husk is advisable.
• You may intake food by starting with fibre, followed by protein, and finishing off with complex carbs.

Rajma is considered a protein-packed food. But it is rather loaded with carbohydrates. When cooked, its fibre content is reduced, leaving behind carbohydrates. Pairing rajma with roti can spike glucose and cause health problems. Thus, it is suggested to eat rajma with additional protein sources to make a power-packed meal.

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