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Rice With Gravy: A Delicious Approach to Glucose Stabilization

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

White rice is a good source of simple carbohydrates, making it a poor choice for maintaining the stability of glucose metabolism. Due to its high glycemic index, rice raises blood sugar levels after ingestion, so it is suggested to replace simple carbs with complex carbs. Moreover, it is recommended to pair them with other macros like fat, protein, and fibers to reduce glucose release and increase responsiveness.

Maintaining Your Glucose stabilization with rice
• Try choosing white rice made of long grains like red, brown, or basmati rice, as their ingestion is slow.
• Choosing to add boiled rice is recommended, as pressure-cooked rice can be harmful.
• While cooking rice, throwing away starchy water is advised.
• Adding a source of protein to plain rice, like paneer masala or egg curry, can be beneficial.
• Combine rice & dal for a complete amino acid profile, then add ghee for better glucose stabilization.

According to research, having a plate of curry and rice may have a favorable impact on postprandial FMD in healthy individuals. Furthermore, most rice varieties have a high glycemic index, and people who consume a lot of curries with rice have a decreased risk of MetS than those who eat less curry.

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