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Roti: A simple yet complex Food for Stable Blood Sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Rotis are a great source of fibre and nutrients that support the body’s metabolism. They are considered a better alternative to rice because of their additional nutritional properties. However, Roti is carb-dense and can cause spikes in blood glucose levels, since it is made of wheat flour. Therefore, it is essential to optimize roti for stable blood glucose levels

Roti for optimum blood glucose levels
• Roti, made out of refined wheat flour, is made of simple carbs and can cause blood glucose spikes. Consider having roti made of whole-wheat flour(complex carb) for efficient glucose metabolism.
• Try pairing the roti with other macronutrients like protein, fibre and fat to balance the GI of the meal and make it more nutritionally wholesome.
• Consider reducing the portion size of carbohydrate intake.
• Try ensuring that fibre is the largest portion of your meal, followed by proteins and complex carbs.

Roti is considered to be a healthy meal in itself but its health benefits can be enhanced further. Research has shown that whole-wheat roti helps reduce the levels of glucose-linked haemoglobin in the blood. Additionally, roti paired with other macros like protein, fibre and fat balances the overall GI of the meal and makes it nutrient-dense. Thus, roti can be a great option for blood sugar control.

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