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Sev Murmurma: The Good, the Bad, and the Blood Glucose Rollercoaster

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Sev Murmura is a popular Indian snack of puffed rice and chickpea flour noodles. When consumed, the carbohydrates in Sev Murmura are broken down into glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a spike in blood glucose levels. The white rice- high GI raises blood glucose and causes a low score.

Better Blood Glucose Control: Snack Smart with Sev Murmura
• Choose sev and murmura made with whole grains and natural ingredients
• Opt for low-carb or keto-friendly sev made with lupin flour
• Combine sev with brown rice murmura for a balanced snack and to lower the overall glycemic index of the snack.
• Practice portion control and limit intake to 30g per serving

In conclusion, Sev Murmura is a snack that can positively and negatively affect glucose metabolism. While it may cause a temporary spike in blood sugar levels, its fibre and protein content can improve insulin sensitivity and promote better glucose regulation. Consuming Sev Murmura in moderation alongside other healthy foods is key to optimising its benefits.

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