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Sip and snack guilt-free with a healthy tea time twist

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Tea served with Marie biscuits is a staple combination most people enjoy during tea breaks. Marie biscuits, like other confectioneries, are primarily made with refined white flour and a lot of sugar. The simple carbohydrates present in refined flour and sugar are absorbed easily by the body and cause a surge in blood glucose levels. Moreover, tea contains carbs from sugar and lactose, increasing the meal’s overall glycemic index and increasing blood sugar.

Enjoy your tea time keeping blood glucose in check
• Try replacing Marie biscuits with multi-grain biscuits or sourdough toasts, which balance glucose uptake.
• You can consider trying green tea instead of milk tea. Studies have shown that green tea reduces variability in blood glucose levels.
• Pair tea with protein-based snacks like sprouts, mixed nuts, hummus etc, to balance blood sugar levels.

It is easy to make your tea time enjoyable yet wholesome at the same time. Having green tea or tea with glucose-friendly snacking options like multi-grain biscuits, sourdough toasts, mixed nuts, and sprouts are healthier alternatives to Marie biscuits. This is because these items have a lower glycemic load and thus do not hamper glucose metabolism.

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