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Smart Snacking: Savoury Treats to Keep Your Glucose in Check

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

A diet consisting of healthy snacks can assist a person with managing blood sugar levels. As per a study, a regular frequency of meals is more appropriate for insulin sensitivity. Having meals at a regular time, along with healthy savoury snacks in short intervals is important to keep the glucose variability in check.

Flavourful and Filling: Optimize Your Glucose Levels With Savoury Treats
• WHO recommends having no more than 25 gm of free sugar in one’s diet for obesity and diabetes management. So, choosing snacks that are low in sugar or sugar-free, ideally savoury, like whole-grain crackers, is better.
• Savoury snacks with a low glycemic index (GI) such as popcorn and roasted chickpeas can prevent glucose spikes and crashes.
• High protein savoury snacks like nuts and cottage cheese between meals, can provide better satiety and reduce overeating during the next meal. This is important for better glucose management.

Sugar-loaded snacks can spike blood sugar levels, leading to insulin resistance and obesity. However, choosing low GI, high protein savoury snacks can help to manage glucose variability. By making these simple changes to your snack choices, you can enjoy delicious snacking while keeping blood sugar levels in check.

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