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Snack Attack: How to Eat Right on a Sedentary Day

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Eating on a movement-deprived day would significantly spike the glucose level as the glucose in the bloodstream from the diet is not absorbed by the muscle cells. Even with slow-paced walking, the muscle cells uptake glucose and naturally lower blood glucose levels.

Ways to optimise your eating on a movement-deprived day
• Including short walking breaks between long hours of sitting can go a long way.
• Have a small diet of low glycemic carbs, important nutrients, and healthy fats your body needs for basic functioning.
• Avoid mid-meal snacks.
• Cut down on sugary, fatty foods.
• Have high-fibre food as it will make you feel full even with smaller portions.

Making smart dietary choices and small lifestyle changes can help optimize your glucose levels on a sedentary day. Remember that being relaxed doesn’t always equate to eating unhealthy. So, eat well! Also, include small amounts of physical activity in your day. Maybe as little as waking for 5 min after each meal. With simple activities, the muscle cells use more glucose, thus increasing insulin sensitivity. This can play a crucial role in stabilising your blood glucose levels.

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