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South Indian Breakfasts: A Delight or A Dismay for Glucose Metabolism?

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

From the moment we wake up, our bodies start metabolising the glucose we eat. And what could be better than starting the day with a classic South Indian breakfast of idli and a perfect cup of milk coffee? But beyond its deliciousness, this meal also has a fascinating connection to our blood sugar levels and glucose metabolism.

Smart swaps: Tweak your idli and coffee for stable blood sugar levels
• You may choose low-carb dal-based or black rice-based idli batters to avoid hyperglycemia from white rice idli.
• Try having a non-starchy veg salad and cooked protein instead of idli to lower the glycemic load.
• Try drinking coffee with milk and sugar and eating idli two hours apart to identify the cause of the blood sugar spike.
• Go for low-fat or non-dairy milk and natural sweeteners like honey or stevia to reduce calorie intake.

In conclusion, milk coffee with added sugar can affect glucose metabolism by increasing insulin resistance and impairing blood sugar control. On the other hand, Idli has been shown to have beneficial effects on blood sugar regulation. While milk coffee can be enjoyed in moderation, incorporating Idli into your diet may provide more long-term health benefits.

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