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Sweet and healthy: Why you should eat fruits as dessert!

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Fruits have traditionally made good snacks and interesting salads. Many of us drink our fruits as juices. Sugar cravings can often be met with fruits.
Since fruits are rich in natural sugars like fructose and sugar has a high glycaemic index, consuming them on an empty stomach can cause sudden glucose spikes when the body is not ready with enough insulin to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Eating fruits as dessert is a healthy choice
• Try to practise better portion control. Eat fruits in moderation.
• Try to keep room for a bowl of fruits after your meal. Fruits are a perfect fit for calorie-deficit diets that help maintain healthy glucose levels.
• Consider eating berries or bananas with ice cream or dip your strawberries in whipped coconut cream. This will not only ensure a better post-meal glucose response, but it will also stabilise glucose levels in the blood, thus preventing sugar spikes.

Consuming fruits as desserts is a healthy choice because fruits contain dietary fibre. This can help slow down the absorption of natural sugars like fructose into the bloodstream, preventing sudden glucose spikes and promoting a healthy post-meal glucose response. Follow these suggestions and enjoy fruits as desserts without letting your blood sugar levels get affected.

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