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Sweet success: Tips for enjoying apple pie without spiking blood sugar

Written by Team Ultrahuman

Nov 01, 2022

Apple pie is a delicious dessert that’s loved by many. But eating an apple pie made with refined flour and butter can be risky. It typically contains a significant amount of sugar, flour, and fat. It is advisable to control your glucose levels before and after eating an apple pie. Eating apple pie frequently can also lead to weight gain.

Apple Pie: Keeping it delicious and nutritious
• Try making your pie with low-carb or lupin flour. You can also opt for almond flour, which has a low glycemic index. This will help in maintaining glucose levels.
• Try to use plant-based sweeteners like stevia instead of table sugar.
• You can opt for a savoury, protein-based pie rather than a sweet one. This helps to maintain greater stability in glucose levels.

An apple does not cause a significant spike in blood glucose levels as it has a low glycemic index. However, an apple pie has simple sugar from the apple, added sugar in the filling and a wheat crust. Eating this high amount of carbohydrates and sugar may result in a rapid increase in blood glucose levels. Making an apple pie with healthy ingredients and consuming it moderately can help manage glucose spikes in the body.

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